Lenny Nero

Trust me, I'm the magic man! What can I get for you?


Forty-something (possibly older) small-time fixer and self-proclaimed “magic man.” Former Lone Star detective, originally regarded as bright by his peers and made the rank of Detective by the age of 22. He then became hopelessly addicted to “the wire” (sims, replay, playback, whatever) after testing prototype rigs for “the feds” as a method of surveillance.

He’s been working as a black/grey-market dealer of sims & hardware since the basic technology became legal to poses. He’s been off the force for almost as long, black listed from nearly every private (and public) security & police force ever since.

  • Tag line: “Anything you want, I can get. Just name it…”
  • Can be found most evenings doing business from a back booth in Spankey’s Hideout.
  • Known associates: Noah and Tick.

Lenny Nero

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