Spankey's Hideout

What the heck am I gonna do this time?

“Hey kid” the bartender says to the spiky-haired scrapper sitting at the bar, obviously too young to be hanging out in Spankey’s Hideout. “You gonna order something, or are you just sticking with water?”

“Water, thanks” the kid responds, still looking over his shoulder.

“He’s out of your league, kid” the bartender says.


Lenny Nero, over there in the corner. The one you’ve been staring at all night” continues the bartender in a gruff tone. “He’s out of your league. You take a run from him, you end up dead. Quick.”

Spankey’s Hideout is a multiplayer campaign set in Seattle, in the Shadowrun game setting – with a few minor twists.

Shadowrun 4th Edition will be in use as the primary rules system, with a few flavorful additions from bygone days.

Inspiration has been drawn from actual Seattle locations (past and present), and will be featured on a regular basis in the campaign. In addition, I will be drawing reference from some favorite movies for flavorful NPCs.

I’ve intended the campaign to be a little darker, a little more seedy – and a whole lot more scary. Watch your step, runners. It’s gonna be a bit bumpy.


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